Pickens County, Alabama Birth Records
Birth and death records have a wait period before the general public can see them to protect the privacy of the individual from identity theft. Birth records have a 125 year waiting period. Only the following people can view the birth record before the wait period has passed: the person named on the certificate, son or daughter of person on certificate, husband or wife of person on certificate, sister or brother of person named on certificate, legal representative of an authorized person, or mother, father, or legal guardian of the person named on the certificate.
About Birth Records
When a new baby is born on United States’ soil, the birth must be recorded to show that he or she is a United States citizen. There is not one standard form that each county uses, so the look of each record may vary. Generally, this information will remain the same: the time of birth, the names of parents, the new child’s name, the birth weight, length at birth, any special circumstances surrounding the birth, the date of birth and the location of birth.
Obtaining a Birth Record
To obtain a birth record, you may either send your request online or by mail.
To receive a copy of a birth record by mail, you can contact one of two offices to receive a copy of the birth record – either the Alabama Center for Health Statistics or the Pickens County Health Department. The addresses to the two offices are below. Both offices require that you send in this completed form: http://adph.org/vitalrecords/assets/hs14eng.pdf and $15 plus $6 for each additional copy.
To reach the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, you would send your payment and completed form to:
Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Pickens, Alabama  36103-5625
To reach the Pickens County Clerk, send your payment and completed form to:
Pickens County Clerk
P.O. Box 370
Carrollton, AL 35447
Phone: (205) 367-2010
Whichever method you choose, there is a $2.20 administrative fee for credit cards.
You can request a copy of a birth record online through this web link: https://www.vitalchek.com/Campaign?site=2&clickid=600386559116115970. You must pay the above fee and credit card fee here as well.
Rate of Births in Pickens County
In 2008, Pickens County had 260 births with a rate of 13.3%. You can compare this to Alabama as a whole, which had 64,345 births in 2008 with a rate of 13.8%. A detailed table of births in Pickens County can be found at this link: http://adph.org/healthstats/assets/AVS2008.pdf. On this chart, you can also see the number of births by hospital in each county and number of births to unwed mothers; for instance, Pickens County had 137 births to unwed mothers at a rate of 52.7%, while Alabama on a whole had a rate of 39.9%. Pickens County also had 34 low weight births at a rate of 13.1%.

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