Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia Birth Records
When there is a live childbirth at a hospital, the hospital staff records vital information surrounding the event. This information is then passed on to the county health department, where birth records are created. Birth records include the weight, height (inches), sex and eye color of the newborn.
The records created and disseminated to the registrant’s parents will usually be in the form of a birth certificate. The child’s parents can then use these records to obtain the child’s social security number, and they are also used to confirm identity and citizenship when applying for other forms of government identification.
Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia recorded 3,384 births for the year 2007, according to the Georgia Department of Community Health. You can read up on these and additional Georgia birth statistics on page 164 of the following link:
Local Birth Records
If you are seeking birth records for a person born in Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia, you will need to go through the Augusta-Richmond County Health Department for records. The health department’s physical address is 950 Laney-Walker Blvd, Augusta, Georgia 30901.
You can also order birth records by mail from the health department. The mail-in address is as follows: Richmond County Health Department, Vital Records Building E. 1916 North Leg Road, Augusta, Georgia 30909.
You can find additional information on birth records at the health department’s county website, which is located here:
State Birth Records
There are additional birth records for Georgia counties available from the Georgia Department of Community Health, which started registering birth records since 1919. You can order birth records by mail if you first download and fill in a birth record application, which you can find at this link:
Include a $25.00 processing fee, and mail to the following address: Vital Records, 2600 Skyland Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30319.
For an online records request, complete the online order form located at this link:
If you wish to do a credit card order, you will need to use VitalChek, which you can find here:
For further details on Georgia birth records, check out the Vital Records Division webpage, located here:

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