Lauderdale County, Alabama Court Records
Court records are provided for public use for a number of reasons, one being to serve as a resource when seeking a background check. You may look up information on someone you’ve lost contact with or information like that used in a criminal check. Information from a case, including that about the offender and his or her background, are usually given in an organized and straightforward report.
Court records for all of Alabama’s sixty-seven counties can be found at Two formats give direct access to the state’s computer databases or access to more specialized court trial data. You may also take advantage of notification features such as attorney tracking, case monitoring, or name tracking.
Probate Records
Probate courts hold jurisdiction over cases involving the probate of wills, guardianships, and name changes. The Lauderdale County Probate Court is located at 200 South Court in Florence. The court may be called at 256-760-5800 or faxed at 256-760-5807.
Circuit Court Records
Circuit courts handle all types of cases and even pick up cases in which no other courts have jurisdiction. The Circuit Court in Lauderdale County resides in the Lauderdale County Courthouse, also at 200 South Court Street. The court also has a website with more information at
District Court Records
Records in a district court mostly include those pertaining to misdemeanors. The Lauderdale County District Court is located in the County Courthouse and also shares a website with that of the Circuit Court.
Municipal Court Records
Municipal ordinance violations can be found in this type of court’s records. Lauderdale County is home to four Municipal Court locations in the towns of Florence, Killen, Lexington, and Rogersville. The Florence location is located at 651 South Seminary Street or may be called at 256-760-6625. More information may be found at the city’s site at

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