Sebastian County, Arkansas Court Records
Court records can be helpful in the processes of people finding, case researching or background checking. Local court records and case dockets can be found through many online independent companies or directly through the local government agencies.
The Arkansas Judiciary System is comprised of three main courts: the circuit courts, district courts, and city courts. Circuit courts have general jurisdiction and handle cases that are above the jurisdiction of the other courts. Criminal cases include felonies, and civil cases include general claims for more than $5,000. District courts have more specified jurisdiction and typically hear cases involving misdemeanors and civil claims for less than $5,000. More information on the small claims court can be found at City courts are in areas of lower population where district courts do not exist.
The Arkansas Supreme Court typically only hears cases that are appealed from trial courts. A library for the Supreme Courts is located at An online docket search for the active cases in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals can be found at Documents can be searched by case number or name.
Circuit Court Records
Two circuit courts exist in Sebastian County. The first is in Fort Smith at 901 S. B Street with a telephone number of 479-782-1046. A map can be found at Facility Info?OpenPage. The second local circuit court is at 11 Town Square in Greenwood, and the telephone number is 479-996-4175.
District Court Records
Four district courts in Barling, Central City, Fort Smith and Greenwood are available in Sebastian County. The district court business office can be called at 479-784-2420. The Fort Smith Court keeps a website at where online records can be searched.

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