Carroll County, Arkansas Criminal Records

Criminal records are created when a person is convicted of a crime. There is not one standardized form that each state uses, so the information may vary from state to state. The main information remains the same: the person’s name, aliases, past names used, past addresses, victims’ names, evidence, date of each crime, laws broken, court dates and the final outcome of each court appearance.

One common use for criminal records is whenever a background check is performed. Background checks can show you a person’s tendencies, and give you clues as to whether or not a person is right for a job. Other reasons people use background checks include: employment, licensing, obtaining a visa and adoption.

Local Law Enforcement

For local law enforcement and police records, contact Robert Grundek, who is the current Carroll County Sheriff. You can visit him at 210 West Church Street Berryville AR 72616 or call the non-emergency phone line at (870) 423-2901. The sheriff’s office also has a webpage at

Inmate Searches

Perhaps you have a relative in prison and want to know when he or she is moved. Or, perhaps you are a victim of a crime and want to watch the person who has wronged you. With the VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) service you’ll be notified by either an email or phone call when your designated criminal moves through the justice system; you can register your email or phone number at

Sex Offender Registry

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department hosts an informative website about sex offenders located at
Employers would benefit from using the national sex offender registry, found at: If you would like to do a more localized search, the Arkansas sex offenders are listed on this website for your convenience:




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