Chilton County, Alabama Divorce Records
Divorce records may be requested for genealogy research, to confirm a divorce occurred prior to a new marriage, or even to find long-lost friends or family members. In Alabama, divorce records are accessible by the public as soon as they are recorded. In 2008, there were over 20,000 divorces recorded in the state; only 239 of these were in Chilton County. Further statistics and information regarding divorces in the state are found through the Department of Health Statistics at
County Divorce Records

If you are located in Chilton County, the easiest way to access divorce records in person is by visiting the Probate Office at 500 Second Avenue North in Clanton. You may also call them at 205-755-1555 to inquire about any requirements to access them.

State Divorce Records
If you live outside of Chilton County, it may prove a better option to access records from the Alabama Department of Public Health, found at Here, you may request records dating back to 1950; prior records must be requested from the local probate office. The fee for the first certified copy is $15 and $6 for every copy thereafter. You must also provide personal identifying information such as your name and signature, address and phone number. When requesting the divorce records, you must also know the full name of the husband and wife, as well as the date of divorce and county where it was granted. A mail-in request form is downloadable at
If you prefer, you may also request records online through the services available at VitalChek. Their website is found at However, there are additional fees that apply to this service.
In some cases, you may need to request divorce records in an emergency situation and require expedited service. If this is your situation, you should direct your questions to 334-206-5418.

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