Cullman County, Alabama Divorce Records

In 2008 there was a 5.5% rate of divorce in Cullman County, meaning 448 legal divorces. The records kept on divorce are useful in proving the termination of one marriage in order to enter another, or for genealogists to follow the paths of ancestors’ lives in the joining of two families.
Divorce records are kept public upon filing and there are no restrictions for accessing them in Alabama. You can obtain the information online, through the local health department, or the circuit court office.

Local Divorce Records
Contacting the Cullman County Health Department can be done in person at 600 Logan Street, Cullman, Alabama 35055 or by phone 256-734-1030. The Circuit Court resides at 500 2nd Avenue SW, Cullman, Alabama 35055 and can also be reached by calling 256-775-4654.
State Divorce Records
Access to divorce records is also available through the state. You may download an application from The Alabama Department of Public Health at There is a $15 fee for the first record and a $6 fee for every record thereafter. To complete the application, you will need to know the full maiden name of the wife, full name of the groom, date of divorce, county in which the divorce was granted, you signature, address, and daytime contact number. If the state is unable to locate the desired record, you will still receive a “Certificate of Failure to Find.”
You may also use to search for birth, marriage, death or divorce records for additional fees. Follow this link for additional details and fees:
For further statistics and information regarding divorce records from 1945 – 2008 in Cullman County you may reference The Division of Statistical Analysis Center for Health Statistics found at
To request additional information, you can contact the Alabama Department of Public Health Center for Health Statistics by calling 334-206-5429.

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