Madison County, Alabama Divorce Records
To obtain a copy of a divorce record online and pay by credit card, simply click this link:
To obtain your divorce record copy by mail, you should send your request in to one of two offices: the Alabama Center for Health Statistics, or the Madison County Probate Office. Additionally, you must also include the following information: your name, your signature, your daytime phone number, address where the certificate is to be mailed, county where the divorce was granted, date of divorce, full maiden name of wife, and full name of husband.
Also with your request, you must also include $15 for the first copy and $6 for each additional copy you request, along with this completed form:  
 To reach the Alabama Statistics Office, send your payment and completed form to:
Alabama Vital Records, P.O. Box 5625, Montgomery, Alabama  36103-5625
To reach the Madison County Probate Office, send your payment and completed form to:
Madison County Probate Office
Madison County Courthouse, Room 121
100 Northside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801-4820
You may call the office for further assistance at (256) 532-3350 or fax them at (256) 532-6942. If you just want to browse records, you may do so at either the probate office ( or at the Madison County Records Center (
Divorce Records Information
When two people decide to dissolve a marriage, they must legally get divorced. This is so that everyone is on the same page. They cannot file jointly for tax purposes anymore, parental responsibilities of stepchildren are changed, and if one is called to testify in a criminal trial against the other, the ex-spouse can no longer claim immunity. Both parties must sign off on the divorce record or else it is not finalized.
Madison County recorded 1,253 divorces, with a divorce rate of 3.9% in 2008. This can be compared to Alabama, which had a divorce rate of 4.4% and recorded 20,311 divorces as a whole. You can find more information on this detailed table: . You may also compare Madison County with other Alabama counties on this table. The table also lists divorces by duration and minor children, and the number of divorces by year.

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