Kern County, California Divorce Records
When you review a divorce record, you will find important information such as the name of the wife (including her maiden name), the location of the marriage ceremony, the names of any children born during the marriage, the birth dates of those children born during the marriage (if any), the date when the couple was married, the date the divorce was finalized, and the names and addresses of both parties’ attorneys. Additionally, each divorce record will deal with information about child support, the distribution of property, child custody, spousal support, and division of debt. There are different kinds of divorce as well: electronic divorce, no-fault divorce, at-fault divorce, uncontested divorce, mediated divorce, and collaborative divorce. A divorce may also be known as a dissolution of marriage.
Limitations on Divorce Records
Depending on what your relationship is to the people on the divorce record, you can request up to two different kinds of divorce records. The first kind is an informational divorce record copy, and this will just list the basic information about the event in question. Any member of the general public can view the information, and it is commonly ordered by genealogists, scholars, and historians. The second kind is available to only the husband, wife, their respective attorneys, and their immediate family members. The state or county seal will be found on the copy, and this kind of divorce record copy can only be obtained with a sworn, notarized statement.                              
Read more about the process of obtaining a divorce record online at:, which is published by the California Department of Public Health.
Divorce Record Requirements
Divorce records are only available through the California Office of Vital Records. You will need to include $13 and this form with your request.
State Record Requests
Send your completed request to: California Office of Vital Records, MS 5103, Post Office Box 997410, Sacramento, CA 95899-7410.

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