Broomfield County, Colorado Divorce Records

When a couple ends their marriage, it is called a divorce or dissolution of marriage. Records attesting to this fact are available at both the state and local level in order to confirm marital status.

Eligibility on the Issue of Divorce Records

When requesting a copy of a divorce record, you will need to show that you are legally able to do so. Only those with a vested interest (such as the groom, the bride, their respective legal attorneys, and the immediate family members of the divorcing couple) can legally request a copy. Therefore, you will need to show proof of identity. This can be done with a passport, valid state-issued driver’s license, or state-issued photo ID.

Divorce Record Requirements

You will need to include $17 for the first copy of a divorce record, as well as the following form: along with the proof of ID.

State Record Index Requests

Divorce record copies can be obtained from the state from years 1900 to 1939, and 1968 to the present. The state health department allows mailed-in requests and walk-in requests. The address is: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Vital Records Section, 4300 Cherry Creek Drive South, HSVRD-VR-A1, Denver, CO 80246-1530. For walk-in requests, you can visit the office during: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

County Divorce Record Copy Requests

Divorce records can be obtained by visiting the county recorder where the divorce took place. In Broomfield County, you can place a request for a divorce record copy at:

Broomfield County Department of Health
County Recorder Clerk: Russ Ragsdale
1 DesCombes Drive
Broomfield, CO 80020-2495
Fax: (303) 410-3815
Phone: (303) 464-5857
Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Applications are accepted until 3:45 pm.

Additionally, you may visit the clerk of the district court where the divorce was finalized to obtain a divorce record copy. In Broomfield County, you would visit:

Broomfield District Court
17 DesCombes Dr., Broomfield CO 80020
Phone: 720-887-2100 Fax: 720-887-2122
Clerk of Court: Melinda Taylor

Archived Divorce Records for Broomfield County

You can do an archived search for divorces or any other vital record by visiting the state’s archive website at You will see that there were zero divorces prior to 1930 for Broomfield County.

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