New Castle County, Delaware Divorce Records

Divorce records will give you a variety of details and information about a couple. You will find information regarding the following topics and agreements: spousal support, child custody, child support, distribution of debt, and distribution of property. This is important because it keeps both parties on the same page. A divorce is not final until both parties sign the divorce papers and agree to the terms and conditions of the divorce.

There are many kinds of divorce: no-fault divorce, uncontested divorce, collaborative divorce, electronic divorce, at-fault divorce, summary divorce, and mediated divorce. The complete process to obtaining a divorce can be read online at the following website:

Requirements to File for Divorce in Delaware

Delaware law says that either one of you must be a resident in order to be able to file for a divorce; you or your spouse must have lived within the state’s borders for six months or more before filing for a divorce. You will also need to be separated from your spouse before filing for divorce in Delaware; you cannot share a bedroom nor have sexual relations with your spouse while you are separated. If you have children in the marriage who are between the ages of 8 and 16, you must attend a Parent Education Class before the divorce is granted.

According to the Delaware Health Statistics Office, New Castle County had 1,771 divorces in 2007, as you can see at  When the survey first started in 1987, New Castle County had 1,729 divorces for that year.

New Castle County Divorce Record Requests – Local Requests

To request a copy of a divorce record, you will need to visit the Family Court where the divorce was finalized. In New Castle County, you can go to:

New Castle County Family Court
New Castle County Courthouse
500 North King Street, Wilmington DE 19801
Phone: 302-255-0300

Include your notarized signature, your name, and date of birth with the divorce record request. The fee for a certified copy is $4 and $1 for a non-certified divorce record. Archived divorce records are $25.  

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