Choctaw County, Alabama Marriage Records
Marriage records are vital records and official documents showing that a couple is legally married. These documents include both the Marriage License and the Certificate of Marriage – the Marriage License is required in each state, and in the U.S., the two documents are recorded on one document, along with the Marriage Application. Marriage ceremonies are not legal without a Marriage License acquired before the ceremony.
Marriage records are useful for genealogists and historians who connect the dots of the past. Tracing roots can be used by health officials to find any serious hereditary illnesses that may crop up in the future. Additionally, marriage records can assist in uncovering previously unknown surnames and aliases.
Marriage records, once complete, should be sent to insurance companies and tax companies. Marriage records can also be sent to the bank, if you would like to put your new spouse on an account or open a joint account. It would also be helpful to include marriage records in Living Will documents, to show that two people are legally married, and that the surviving spouse should receive dividends of the deceased’s property.
In 2008, Choctaw County recorded 140 marriages. A detailed table can be found here:
Requesting Marriage Records
You must fill out this application:, and mail it in (along with $15 plus $6 for each additional copy) to:
Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama  36103-5625
Additionally, you may physically go to the Choctaw County Health Department at 1001 South Mulberry Avenue, Butler, AL 36904-2813 to obtain a copy of the marriage record. Lastly, you may obtain a copy online through this link:
If the marriage record was documented before 1936, it must be obtained from the probate office in the county where the marriage license was issued.

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