Limestone County, Alabama Marriage Records
In 2008, the Division of Statistical Analysis Center for Health Statistics recorded over 40,000 marriages in Alabama. That same year, 534 marriages were documented in Limestone County. Most of the recordings were first-time marriages for the bride and groom involved.
Marriage licenses are researched for a number of reasons. You might look for a license to find out information on your ethnic background or to discover whether a potential partner had a past marriage. Licenses also prove, particularly to the government, that a couple is legally married.
Local Marriage Records
For information on marriage licenses dating prior to 1936, you must see the probate office in the county where the license was issued. The Limestone County Probate Court is on 100 South Clinton Street Suite D in Athens, Alabama. You may also reach them by phone at 256-233-6427 or on their website at
For information on marriage licenses after 1936, anyone may go to the local county health department. The address and telephone number for the Limestone County Health Department can be found at, or they mail by emailed through
State Marriage Records
Under Alabama law, marriage certificates are not confidential records and hold no restrictions. Any person may obtain a marriage certificate with the proper payment. One certified copy costs $15, and any additional copies are $6 each. A mail-in application can be downloaded at and sent to Alabama Vital Records at PO Box 5625 in Montgomery, Alabama. Information needed to search for a marriage certificate includes the full name of the husband and wife, the date of marriage, and an address where the certificate is to be mailed.
Another service, called VitalChek, allows individuals to search for a marriage certificate at and pay with a credit card. Additional fees apply.

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