Monroe County, Alabama Marriage Records

Obtaining a Marriage Record
There are two ways you can get a copy of a marriage record: you can either request a copy of a marriage record online & pay by credit card or you can send your request in by mail to one of two offices (the Alabama Center for Health Statistics or the Monroe County Health Department). Whatever method you choose, if you pay by credit card, there is a $2.20 processing fee.
To obtain a copy of a marriage record by mail you must fill out this form: and send it in along with $15 for the first copy and $6 for each additional copy.
To reach the state office, send your payment, the completed form, and the request in to:
Alabama Vital Records
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery, Alabama  36103-5625
To reach the local office, send your payment, the completed form, and the request to:
Monroe County Health Department
416 Agriculture Drive
Monroeville, Alabama  36460.
You may also call them at (251) 575-3108 for further assistance.
To obtain a copy marriage record online, you may request your copy through the following link and pay with your credit card:
Documents in a Marriage Record
The marriage record is actually three documents on one piece of paper. They are: the marriage application, the marriage license, and the Certificate of Marriage. When the couple turns in the marriage application, they must also show proof of residency (i.e., a birth record or passport). Alabama does not require a blood test. Next, the marriage license must be approved, and then the couple can get married. Following the marriage ceremony, the overseeing official (such as a priest or Justice of the Peace) signs the Certificate of Marriage, and the two are legally married.
Marriage Statistics of Monroe County
Vital statistics (births, deaths, marriages, and divorces) for all of Alabama’s counties can be found on this table: Additionally, you may also see the percentage and number of white grooms and black grooms and compare between counties, as well as divorce rates for each county. In 2008, Monroe County recorded 161 marriages, with a rate of 7.1%. This can be compared with Alabama as a whole, which recorded 40,638 marriages and had a rate of 8.7%.

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