Faulkner County, Arkansas Marriage Records

Faulkner County had 938 marriages in 2005, at a rate of 9.7 (per 1,000 residents), as seen at: http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/stats/2005vital/ANN802.HTM.  

Marriage License Requirements

Getting married in Arkansas is easy, but you must follow a few rules to obtain the necessary marriage license. You won’t need a blood test, proof of residency or a witness at the ceremony, but both the bride and groom must be present when applying. You will also have to pay a fee of $58 at time of application. Men age 17 and brides age 16-17 must have parental consent when applying; those over 18 need no consent.

However, you must be prepared to show proof of age: if you’re over 21, you can do this with a simple driver’s license, and those under 21 must show a birth record or military ID. Once the marriage license is issued, you’ll have 60 days to return it to the County Clerk, whether you actually get married or not. If you miss this window, the license will expire and a $100 bond will be levied against both applicants. Once the wedding is performed, you’ll have seven business days to send the license back for recording purposes.

Contacting the Faulkner County Clerk

The Faulkner County Clerk is Melinda Reynolds, and she would be the person you would speak to about any marriage license or record questions you might have. Her office has a webpage to help answer your questions at: http://www.faulknercounty.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=9. You can visit her or mail your license to: Faulkner County Courthouse, 801 Locust Street, Conway, AR 72034. Her office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. She also is available by phone at (501) 450-4909, fax at (501) 450-4938 or by email at melinda.reynolds@faulknercounty.org.

Marriage Records Limitations

Only the bride, groom, their legal counselors and the couple’s families can view the information contained on a marriage record.

Marriage Coupons from the Arkansas Department of Health

If it’s proof of a marriage that you seek, you can obtain a marriage coupon from the Arkansas Department of Health. This document is designed to be a stand-in for any situation that calls for a marriage record. If you have questions about this, call the Arkansas Department of Health at (501) 661-2336 or (800) 637-9314. A coupon is $10 each, payable by check or money order. You’ll also need to fill out this form with your request:  http://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/programsServices/certificatesVitalRecords/Documents/vr-9_marriage_app.pdf. Mail the information to: The Arkansas Department of Health, 4815 W. Markham Street, Slot 44, Little Rock, AR 72205.

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