Humboldt County, California Marriage Records
Marriage records are documents that show two people are married. You can find the presiding official’s signature (typically in a separate section), the place where the ceremony took place, the birth dates of the bride and groom, the witness’ signature (in California, one witness is required), the name of the bride (including maiden name), and the name of the husband. Marriage records are actually made up of three different documents: the marriage application, the marriage license, and the Certificate of Marriage.
Humboldt County had 819 marriage applications during the calendar year of 2009, as you can see at:
Marriage Licenses
When requesting a marriage license, both of you must fill out and return the marriage application. At this time, you will have to show photographic proof of identity. In California, no blood test or proof of residency is required.
Marriage Record Limitations
Authorized marriage record copies are only available to the bride, groom, their attorneys, and a certain class of family member, and you will have to provide a notarized, sworn statement with your request. Informational marriage record copies can be issued at any time to any member of the general public.
A complete description of the process for obtaining marriage records can be found online at
All marriage record requests for Humboldt County, regardless of which office they are ordered from, are $14.
State Requests
For state requests, the following form must be included: Send your entire request to: California Office of Vital Records, MS 5103, Post Office Box 997410, Sacramento, CA 95899-7410.
Local Requests for Marriage Records
If you need personal service or would like to place the request with an actual person, please visit the County Recorder’s Office below.
Humboldt County Recorder
Clerk: Carolyn Crnich
825 Fifth Street, Fifth Floor
Eureka, CA  95501
Web Site:
Office (707) 445-7382
FAX (707) 445-7430
When requesting a marriage record (authorized or informational, please download, complete, and turn in the following form with your request: Certified Copy Request.pdf.

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