Geneva County, Alabama Property Records
Property records are often researched in the event of a property dispute, questions about legal easements, assessments and tax issues, and perhaps even to determine who owns a particular parcel. The most commonly used property records for these purposes include deeds, liens, assessments, taxes and publicly available maps.
Deeds and Liens
Deeds are property records that provide information regarding who owns a property, and are held at the local recording office. Liens are also filed there, which are essentially money owed to an outside party that is using the property as collateral. Types of liens include mortgages, tax liens, construction liens and UCC filings. UCC filings are liens against personal property or equipment found on a property, which may include things like office equipment.
These property records can be requested in person at the Geneva County Probate Office at 220 Commerce Street in Geneva, or can be reached at 334-684-5640.
Assessments and Taxes
The Geneva County Revenue Commissioner is located in the courthouse at 200 North Commerce Street in Geneva, and can be reached via phone at 334-684-5650. This office can provide assessed values of a property and approximate taxes, as well as information about whether the parcel is tax delinquent or not. This is the office that accepts tax payments from citizens as well.
The department’s website is located at, which provides a link to an online mapping tool for the county. You may also look up property via parcel number, owner name, address and even physical location through the GIS mapping site at The results will provide the above information that was previously unknown. For example, if you only know the address of a property, your search results will show the owner’s name and parcel number.
Finally, you may also view any tax delinquent property for sale by the Department of Revenue at, and register to receive price quotes and notices regarding property you are interested in purchasing.

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