Lawrence County, Alabama Property Records
Property records are maintained to help in the case of a dispute over property lines or easements. These documents can also be critical to potential buyers who are deciding where to build or buy a house according to taxes. Tax sale information is another dimension of property records that allow the public to make offers on government repossessed assets. More recently, property records have merged with online geographic information systems to help offer information about parcels of land. You may still find property records at local probate offices as well.
Local Property Records Offices
To find information on deeds, mortgages, liens on properties, and leases you will want to visit the Lawrence County Probate Court located at 14330 Court Street, Moulton, Alabama 35650. You can also call them at 256-974-2439.
For tax documents and assessed value of property, you would want to visit the Revenue Commissioner’s Office for Lawrence County. It is located at 750 Main Street, Suites 2 &3, Moulton, Alabama, 35650. The phone number for the office is 256-974-2473.
Online Resources
A useful website for GIS is Here you may search for a property by owner, shape, parcel or address. However if you do not have that information, you can also select the property on a digital map of Lawrence County.
Besides tax information on properties, the site also includes other valuable details about school districts, township names, subdivisions, the names of creeks, ponds, rivers, and lakes for a particular area.
Tax Sales
There is an ever changing market for homeowners, which sometimes unfortunately leaves people without the resources to pay taxes on their properties. These pieces of land and the assets on them will then be repossessed by the Alabama Department of Revenue and offered for sale to the public. Find transcripts of tax delinquencies at where you may sign up to be sent price quotes, cancellation notices, redemption notices, and notifications of properties sold by email.

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