Tuscaloosa County, Alabama Property Records

Delinquent Property in Tuscaloosa County
Tax delinquent property is available in Tuscaloosa County for purchase in order for the government to recover back taxes, costs, and interest. The state of Alabama has a website where you can find a complete list of delinquent properties – not just in Tuscaloosa County, but in all of Alabama. This website can be viewed here: http://www.ador.state.al.us/advalorem/transcript/transcript.htm. To view a list of Tuscaloosa County’s delinquent property, you can click here: http://www.ador.state.al.us/advalorem/transcript/WWW_TRANS_63.pdf.
The Registrar of Deeds can be found at the Tuscaloosa County Probate office. The website you can use to find out more information is: http://www.tuscco.com/. To send in a research request, you can send it to: Tuscaloosa County Probate Judge, 714 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401. The Probate Judge’s office can be reached at phone number (205) 349-3870.
Tuscaloosa County Location
Tuscaloosa County is located in the Appalachian foothills and previously inhabited by both Creek and Choctaw Indians. Neighboring counties include: Fayette, Walker, Jefferson, Bibb, Hale, Greene and Pickens Counties.
Tuscaloosa County Current Statistics
In 2009, Tuscaloosa County had a population of 184,035 and decreased in population from 2000 to 2009 by 11.6%. You can find more information about the Tuscaloosa County census by clicking here: http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/01/01125.html.
Tuscaloosa County Background
Tuscaloosa County was created on Feb. 6, 1818 from land acquired from the Cherokee and Choctaw Cession of 1816; however its present boundaries were not established until 1820. Tuscaloosa County gets its namesake from the Choctaw Indian word for the Black Warrior River, which flows through the area. The county seat was first in Tuscaloosa in 1819, but moved to Newton in 1822, and finally resettled in Tuscaloosa shortly after that. Tuscaloosa was also the state capitol from 1826-1845.
Paying Property Taxes
To view a map of all property in Tuscaloosa County, you can click on this link: http://www.emapsplus.com/ALTuscaloosa/maps/. This website will allow you to search by parcel number, owner name, address or shape of property. If you are looking to pay your specific property taxes, you would need to contact the Tuscaloosa County Tax Assessor. The current Tax Assessor is Doster McMullen, and he can be reached at (205) 349-3870 Ext. 240. The current Tax Collector in Tuscaloosa County is Peyton Cochran and his phone number is (205) 349-3870 Ext. 237. You can write to either Mr. McMullen or Mr. Cochran atTuscaloosa County Courthouse, 714 Greensboro Ave., Tuscaloosa, AL, 35401.

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