Winston County, Alabama Property Records

Contacting the Revenue Commissioner’s Office
The Revenue Commissioner’s Office has a website set up for GIS mapping, where you can find information about property in Winston County. You can view this website here: Sandra Thorn Wright is the current Revenue Commissioner, and her office is located at the Winston County Courthouse. You can write her at the office’s mailing address of P.O. Box 160,Double Springs, AL 35553. If you need to call her office, you may do so at (205) 489-5166 or fax the office at (205) 489-8926. For the appraisal office, the staff is best reached at (205) 489-5263.
Deeds & Property Records
For the Registrar of Deeds, you can call the county probate office at (205) 489-5219. The mailing address is: Winston County Probate Office, PO Box 27, Double Springs, AL 35553.
Winston County Location
Winston County is located in the northwestern part of Alabama, in the Appalachian foothills; it contains rich mineral deposits, suitable for mining. Neighboring counties include: Marion, Franklin, Lawrence, Morgan, Cullman, Walker and Fayette Counties.
Winston County Background
Winston County was originally called Hancock County (named after Gov. John Hancock of Massachusetts), and formed on Feb. 12, 1850 from parts of Walker County. The name was changed to honor Alabama Gov. John A. Winston on Jan. 22, 1858. The county seat is Double Springs, and Winston County gained notoriety due to its reluctance to join the Confederacy during the Civil War. A courthouse fire in 1895 caused a massive record loss.
Delinquent Property in Winston County
A list of tax delinquent property in Winston County is available here: Delinquent property occurs when a property owner fails to pay property taxes; the government must then resell the property to recover back taxes, costs, and interest.
Winston County Current Statistics
In 2009, Winston County had a population of 23,997 and decreased in population from 2000 to 2009 by 3.4%. You can find more information about the Winston County census by clicking here:

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