Escambia County, Florida Vital Records
The primary records of birth, death, marriage, and divorce all fall under the category of vital records. Vital records are maintained by county clerks, health departments, and vital statistics offices. All vital records are primary source, which means that they were created at or very close to the vital life event, and act as proof of identity.
Vital records are looked up by the registrants in the records and other parties for many business and legal purposes. Vital records also make up a majority of the documentation that a genealogy researcher will use and reference.
Most vital records in the state of Florida are restricted to the family members of the registrant, their legal representatives, or any other group that can prove legal tangible interest. In Florida, marriage and divorce records can be ordered by anyone. Birth records are limited to the above referenced parties until 100 years have passed, and cause of death information is restricted for 50 years. Vital records, regardless of the source, will usually have a fee attached to their processing.
Local Vital Records
If you need to acquire vital records such as birth and death records for residents of Escambia County, you can order them through the Escambia County Health Department. The address of the health department is 1295 W. Fairfield Drive, Pensacola, Florida 32501. You can also call the health department at 850-595-6531, if you want to order records over the phone. You can also order records by mail if you fill out and remit a vital records application, located here:
For local marriage records, the Escambia Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller allows web users to search marriage records on their website, which is located at the following link:
For additional marriage records and divorce records, you can go through, located here:
State Vital Records
The Florida Department of Health - Bureau of Vital Statistics has some vital records that go back to 1865, but most or all vital records from 1917 to the present day. You can order vital records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics by either phone, mail, or in person. The link to the Vital Statistics webpage, located here,, has all the information required to purchase vital records.

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